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Mochitsuki Festival is…

HIC’s New Years Mochitsuki Ceremony is about giving thanks to the past year and praying for your family and friends’ health and happiness. Have your whole family participate and give thanks to the New Year by coming and experiencing the authentic Japanese tradition of Mochi Pounding. We will guide you through the whole process of mochi pounding from start to finish.
This is a perfect chance to bond with your family.

Anybody can participate. We are waiting for you and your family and friends’ participation to our Mochitsuki Festival.

Mochitsuki Festival Executive Committee


Daikon Festival is…

All living thing including the human race are able to live thanks to nature’s great blessings.
This universe was made from the works of great nature (gods’ great power) and is guided by this power.

We are able to harvest many fruits and vegetables just like our daikon thanks to the blessings of great nature.
This is something very wonderful and thankful.

At HIC, we hold a harvest festival called Daikon Festival every year to show gratitude to the blessings.
We are waiting for you and your family and friends participation.

Daikon Festival Executive Committee

Odori Festival is…

Though dancing, this festival is about showing the joy to god of being able to live, thanks to the great blessing of nature and to give thanks to the blessings we receive within our body.

It is not possible to have a grand Odori Festival with only one person dancing.

It takes many people to make a wonderful dance festival. Let’s dance together while enjoying each other’s fellowship because that is what god loves most.  Let’s enjoy dancing!

Odori Festival Executive Committee