Peace Logo

We call this symbol the “Peace Mark.”  This mark symbolizes Honbushin’s teachings.

The big circle represents Kamisama’s blessings.
Everything in this universe was created by Kamisama through many evolutions.
We are able to live today thanks to these blessings.

The teaching says that, everything in this world is operated by Kamisama.
It is okay to refer this operator as Kamisama, nature, or even as universes great providence.
Either way, we are surrounded by some great power that exceeds human beings, and that is what the circle symbolizes.

The vertical line inside the circle represents you, yourself.

The horizontal line at the bottom represents everyone that supports you.

In other words, you are able to be here today thanks to the blessing of nature and all the people that supports you.
Thank you very much.

That’s what this mark symbolizes.
“Mother nature, thank you!  Everyone, thank you!   I’m here, thanks to you!

At Honbushin, we use this Peace Mark Philosophy as a base to accomplish the following:

What we can do is

Hold HARMONY between people,

Open our hearts to unfamiliar ADVENTURES

Help people with CLARITY and LOVE

Open our eyes to SERVICES

And live with GRATITUDE.

This is the theme that we are working on in society as of now.